Night & Day Hostel

Accommodation rules

By paying for stay you confirm that you agree with these rules and agree to comply with them.

1. Hostel working time

Official time of guaranteed check-in according to the booking: from 13:00 till 02:00
Early check-in is provided based on availability, but not earlier than 07:00.
Official check-out time: 12:00. Check-out time does not depend on your check-in time.

From 01:00 till 07:00 entering to / exiting from hostel is limited to emergency cases or check-out.
00:55 — time of «last smoke break»

From 00:00 till 07:00 «quiet time» mode is applied across all hostel's territory
During «quiet time» it is forbidden to:
• talk loudly, laugh, scream
• listen music using speakers or open headphones
• watch TV with volume on high
• talk over phone/VoIP in dorms
• turn on lights in dorms

2. Rules of check-in, check-out and payment

2.1. Administration provides stay only for people who have valid person identification document with them.
2.2. Stay is paid during check-in.
2.3. Administration does not guarantee reservation of your bed-place / room in unpaid period.
2.4. When checking-out you are required to notify administrator, return locker key, bed-set and towel.
2.5. In case of refund for unused period when less than 3 days are left until that period, administration reserves the right to keep fee equal to the price of 1 day stay.

3. General rules

3.1. Hostel's administration is not responsible for lost / missing things. It is forbidden to leave your personal belongings in public places without observation.
3.2. Smoking, drinking any alcohol drinks, taking drugs anywhere in the hostel or in the entrance hall of the building is STRICTLY FORBIDDEN.
3.3. You are required to wear indoor footwear in the hostel. Special boxes in the hallway are designated for storing outdoors footwear.
3.4. You are required to turn off lights when leaving unused rooms (dorms, bathrooms, kitchen).
3.5. You are required to respect other residents and administration, be polite and kind in communication. Do not insist on conversation unless other person is eager to talk.
3.6. It is forbidden to carry out, pass or manage hostel's assets in any way (including use of washing and drying machines, heater without permission of administration)
3.7. You are required to notify administration regarding any malfunction in power network, appliances, furniture defects, lack of hot or cold water. It is forbidden to make attempts to fix or repair them.
3.8. It is forbidden to use vacant beds or beds that are occupied by other people for storing your belongings/clothes.

4. Bathrooms and toilets

4.1. It is forbidden to enter bathrooms in outdoors footwear.
4.2. It is STRICTLY FORBIDDEN to take shower for longer than 15 minutes.
4.3. You are required to tidy up shower or toilet room after yourself (mop the water spills on the floor, dispose packaging into trash bin, flush the water and brush the toilet bowl).
4.4. Please do not leave your shampoos, soaps, tooth pastes, brushes etc. in bathrooms.

5. Kitchen and food consumption

5.1. Kitchen is the only place for food preparation and consumption. Storage and consumption of food in other rooms is forbidden.
5.2. Residents are obliged to wash dishes, plates, cups and cutlery after themselves. PENALTY FOR NON-FULFILLMENT —
20 UAH.
5.3. It is required to tidy up kitchen after meals and cooking (wipe and sweep crumbs or food leftover from the table and floor, dispose packaging, empty bottles and overdue products into the trash bin, etc.).
5.4. It is forbidden to take food of other residents without their permission.
5.5. It is required to follow safety procedures when cooking with microwave oven, electric-cooker, etc.
5.6. It is strongly discouraged to prepare food with pungent / strong smell or to use overdue products in cooking.

6. Client's guests

6.1. Clients are allowed to bring guests with administrator's permissions from 07:00 till 23:00, but no longer than for 3 hours per day. After 23:00 guests will be asked to leave or pay for the stay.
6.2. Client is responsible for the actions of his / her guests. Guests are not allowed to be in the hostel during absence of client who invited them.
6.3. Guests are obliged to follow hostel's rules.
6.4. Guests are not allowed to use showers, beds, high-power electric appliances.